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There is no public restroom that I know of in center City. I can't tell you how degrading and painful it is to have to go to the restroom behind a tree because it's there or in your pants. Even worse when you find a public park with inexplicably locked bathrooms?? Below I attached a photo of West End parks bathroom locked on a 75 degree spring Friday at lunch??

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Neighborhood blight

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Hi everyone. We really need to limit businesses and churches on residential streets. I live on 2nd and count at least 3-5 churches, 2-3 grocery stores and 2 barbershops within 3 blocks. It makes it incredible difficult for homeowners/residents to park.

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Hello! Please consider installing a TRAFFIC light at the cross streets of 15th and Martin Luther King Blvd. It's very dangerous trying to cross two lanes when cars are going 50 miles an hour. Thank you!

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