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john svitilla about 1 year ago

we now have a lot more traffic since downtown has been built up we need speed devices at priscilla st and s fillmore st the speed limit is 25 mph this is not the first time i have asked for the same thing if we did another traffic study you would see why we need speed control devises

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Hello! Please consider installing a TRAFFIC light at the cross streets of 15th and Martin Luther King Blvd. It's very dangerous trying to cross two lanes when cars are going 50 miles an hour. Thank you!

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Far too often I go to websites related to the city and find them neglected. It's sloppy and disheartening

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Neighborhood blight

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There is no public restroom that I know of in center City. I can't tell you how degrading and painful it is to have to go to the restroom behind a tree because it's there or in your pants. Even worse when you find a public park with inexplicably locked bathrooms?? Below I attached a photo of West End parks bathroom locked on a 75 degree spring Friday at lunch??

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intersections at IH-35 always seem to make long delays to cross the highway, sitting thru 3 or so light rotations (e.g. Wm Cannon! ugh!) I wonder if some intersections could be such that to cross IH-35 you turn right (with dedicated lane) merge left and go down 1/8 mile to a U-turn under/over highway. Come back to the desired road and turn right. If you need to turn left you too would get on the frontage road and make the U-turn. Limitation would be it would require space to give dedicated lanes to thru traffic and to turning traffic to keep all moving. Might it work in some places?

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annony mous 12 months ago

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Idea: ROAM Option

anonymo us about 1 year ago

Would it be possible to have the option we have in public research to look at next sequential or previous sequential documents? Some of our users like that option in our office and would like to see it available on ROAM.

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